Tuesday, September 3, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge Day Three

I have several favorites classes, wizard, ranger, rouge and paladin.

Yet, the wizard, while being able to "bend the arcane forces of the universe to [their] will," aren't something I can always get into.  They are powerful, yet I prefer something with a bit more challenge. where a wave of the hand won't solve every problem...and fireball won't solve all your problems anyway...:-P

Rouges are fun.  They are slippery and sly.  They are the second favorite class of mine, which is tied with the exact opposite class I like, the paladin. Paladins have that unbreakable code of honor that they must adhere to and that kind of structure is weirdly freeing.  Yes, the role playing is a bit stiff.  But it can be fun.

The favorite, if you couldn't tell by now, is the ranger.  The skirmish fighter, the archer who can still get up in your face and use his strength to cut down an enemy.  The favored enemy, a fun idea that I have had use both in favor and out of favor.  The woodland ability, the magic ability at higher level, the loner mentality, who wouldn't love the ranger.


  1. Hmm... I understand your reasoning here, but it's not the path for me. Besides the Necro that you knew and loved/loathed, I recently played an extended campaign with a human Barbarian which ended up being EPIC. Right now I'm a Tengu rogue, whom I have to say is pretty damn badass and fun to play. While I loved being the mass damage dealing mage, and the sneaky stealth-attacking rogue, there is something so satisfying about being a simple, brutal tank wielding a hammer and living out those childhood Thor fantasies. Critical hit ::SPLAT:: I'm done.