Sunday, September 1, 2013

30 Day Challenge

How did I get started in D&D?

Well, I think I have answered the question before, but will answer it again as best I can.

Back in college, way back in 1996--yes starting couting if you must--I came back from a weekend at home (free laundry service and free food.  Come on, who wouldn't.) I found a group of my friends in a circle talking about things their character was doing.  I was intrigued, but wasn't sure what to do.  I waited for the DM, a guy named Kyle, to finish up and I tracked him down after.  I asked him what he was up to and he said, "Playing D&D."

Until then, I was the Sci-Fi nerd supreme, looking down my nose a little at fantasy for being "cute and folksy."  But I had gone to college for trying new things and when he asked if I wanted to create a character, I jumped at the chance.  He had 2nd edition AD&D books and I devoured them.  Looking through them, amazed by the art, by the magic and baffled by the rules.  I made a character, a 1st level dwarven theif who had the kit of locksmith.  I even delved into his backstory, giving him a scar on his arm from not disabling a trap quick enough and having to run off from the job he was doing.

And then...nothing.  The game never got picked up again.  I was dejected and sad, but then the same guy started up a Superhero game and I got to play in that, so that was the first rpg I every experienced.  (Superheroes Unlimited, the first edition.  Pretty fun one shot.  Never played that game again either.  Sigh, the problem with college sometimes.)

I didn't get my first taste of a campaign until I called up a friend and asked what he was up to.  This was 2002.  It was late, about 10 pm, and I as bored  He said, "We're gaming.  Want to come over?" I thought, why not.  I went over and again, 2nd edition AD&D.  I was told we already had a thief, but "We could use a ranger, and if you want to be an Elven princeling, that would help tremendously..." So said the DM.  (I later learned this was a trap.  Oh Admirmal Ackbar, where were you?)

And since that day, rolling up Symal the Elven Ranger, I have never looked back.

Now, as an addendum, there is a friend who tried to get me into rpgs a year or so before.  But, I stll had the bad taste in my mouth of gaming with the guys in college for a session and then nothing.  Since that time, that friend and I, have gamed often.

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