Wednesday, September 11, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge Day 10-11

Two day catch up...

Day 10- Craziest thing that has happened to the party was also the craziest thing I have seen happen to a player.  First time I saw a Deck of Many Things effect a player so badly.  He drew three cards first off.  Then, he lost a level (He was a 10 lvl. fighter/10 lvl. mage) Then, lost another one, yet the DM was kind and didn't ding him twice.  Then, he lost all of his magic items.  This character was loaded with magic items.  He had a bag of holding that carried his spell book, a forge, all of the parties treasure, his weapons, armor, and other items.  He was pissed.  So were we because we lost all our gold.  (He was holding it all because, he thought he was a dragon and mind tricked everyone into letting him hold all the treasure.)

Day 11-The adventure that I have run that is my favorite is hard to say.  Many of the adventures I run are my own, or so ripped and twisted from the original version that it is barely the same thing.  But, I do use Destiny of Kings often and I guess I could say that is my favorite adventure.  So far...

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