Tuesday, September 17, 2013

30 Dat D&D CHallenge Day 13-17

Sorry, got a bit busy and then was battling an ee infection or something.  The eye thing is clearing up and I can see the screen without crying because of the light.  (Yeah, no idea what was going on, just glad I am on the mend.)

So, I will do a quick catch-up

Day 13: Favorite Trap/Puzzle-  Favorite trap I have ever used has to be the Death Frost Doom module itself.  If you don't know what it is, here is a link.  It is a killer module, literally.  I know a few of my players that are reading this blog shake their fists at this module.  They should be happy I haven't tried the new one, which goes to Favorite Trap/Puzzle I have seen which is this

Day 14: Favorite NPC- My players should know there are two that I have inserted into every game I have every run.  One of the Roberto Miguel de'Seville, a swashbuckling rouge with a minor magical talent.  Garish, foppish and wielding a partially cursed back biter (this was made by a friend who was DMing a game when I first came up with Roberto.  It is a rapier that will stab through the target and backstab if you roll a 20.  I did this once during the play with Roberto--on an undead which did nothing.)
My other favorite NPC is The Great Khan.  Think Hedonism Bot made flesh, along with his own Jambie.  This merchant has caused problems and given slightly cursed items to many of my players.  Most notably the chain mail +4 on a female player.  And every once and again, her nipples would be tweaked, for the Khan had had an extra enchantment placed upon it to fell up and be able to tweak anyone's nipples if they wore the mail.

Day 15: Favorite (Undead) Monster: Though I don't use them as often as I should, I love the ghast.  The ghoul that can mess up an elf.  Look just like ghouls, until they hit an elf and you look at the player and say "Make a saving throw versus paralyzation." And they realize what it is that is attacking them.

Day 16: Favorite (Aberration) Monster: I am not going to lie, I had to look this up.  I'm an old school player and the term was odd.  (I know what it means, just never thought of things like the beholder and the rust monster as abberations.  I would have to say that the beholder is my favorite.  The floating eye things are creepy, hard to kill--not impossible, just hard, and weird.

Day 17: Favorite (Animal/Vermin) Monster: I have to go with an oldie, but goodie, the rat.  The rat is a bit cliche, yet I love them for the various ways you can make use of them.  A swarm, a few giant rats, or even just a few regular ones.  All of them have a chance of delivering a disease that I sometimes forget to roll for.  They are versatile and easy to use.  Plus, in most settings, people are surprised to see a few rats roaming around.

Caught up!  Now, I hope to keep going...we will see...

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