Thursday, September 26, 2013

30 Day Challenge 20-26

Yeah, been busy and just in a weird headspace recently.


Day 20-Favorite Monster (Humaniod/Natural/Fey)  Would have to say that my favorite is the Half-Orc.  He can sort of blend into society, and yet still have the savage orc background.  Need to use more of them...

Day 21-Favorite Dragon Color/Type- That is easy, the red dragon, the biggest, meanest dragons around.  Just love them.

Day 22-Favorite Monster overall- Going to have to stick to the red dragon.

Day 23-Least Favorite Monster overall- any of the oozes.  They are alright, but for the most part,t hey are just annoying creatures.

Day 24- Favorite Energy Type-Electricity.  As a grip friend of mine once said, "Electricity is smart fire."

Day 25- Favorite Magic Item- Ring of Three Wishes.  Wishes and players and FUN!

Day 26-  Favorite Nonmagic Item- Long sword.  Basic, durable, a good damage range.  Me and my trusty sword is all I need.

Day 27- A character I want to play in the future- A wizard.  Just a young wizard trying to learn more powerful spells.  Will think of this a bit more...

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