Thursday, January 29, 2015

Been some time...

It has been awhile since I have written in this blog.  I still game, still have my own rants and raves, and I hope to resurrect the podcast at some point in the near future.

As for the games that are currently being played, there is one.  A friend has made a home brewed Dragon Age game, using the White Wolf system.  I am playing an Apostate Elf Mage with a Templar and a Qunari.  We should have more people the next time, one of them being the Circle Mage I am that should be fun!

Also, this.

As for games I was running.  Well, I have been bumbling and stumbling my way through a few 5E games.  I really like the system, though I have some minor gripes about magic and want to tinker with it, which isn't a shock to pretty much anyone who has gamed for any amount of time.  At the moment, I have taken a step away from the DM spot just for a little while to recharge, play a few games and work on my own games and the world of Sydell.

And, there is a new passion in my life.  A new game system that I have heard very often, yet never had a chance to sit down and read it until recently.  It is called Savage Worlds and I am really digging it.  There is a chance I will try a few games with this new system, already trying it out with a friend doing an online game on roll20.  Which is an interesting site for web-based games.  I recommend it for those who want to game but can't due to distance, illness or just wanting to game with some people online.

Anyway...I should wrap this up, not feeling wonderful but I felt like I had to start writing this blog again.