Sunday, September 8, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge Day 7 and 8

Alright, doing a double play here, so that I can get back on track with this whole challenge.

Day 7-Favorite Edition?
Well, that is not that hard to figure out really.  The old school editions are better, in my opinion, because there wasn't such a glut of rules.  Yes, 2E did have splat books galore, yet when compared to the glut of 3E?  Or 4E?  I wonder what the books will look like for Next?

But, I am getting off topic.  I am sure that those who know me or read this blog will know that i love 2E.  It will always be my default, go to edition.  Granted, I have delved into 1E, Original and even 3E and 4E.  But, Second Edition Dungeons & Dragons is and will probably always be my favorite editon.

Day 8-Favorite Character I have played.
This is not as easy as I thought when I first read these.  My gut says Athalan Symal Greenbow, the princeling elven ranger of a long run Forgotten Realms 2E game.  He was the character I have run the longest.

Then there is the swashbuckler Roberto Miguel DeSeville, rougish good looks, a devil-may-care attitude and a large foppish hat.  He was fun to play, yet the DM hated the character and did much to show it.  The inglorious death of Roberto, at the hands of a ettin--who had one head that could cast magic mind you--and a spell from the Abi Dalzim collection of spells, was not the best way to go for him.  Yet, I would play him again and I would also love to have played him from level one as well.

Then there is the cavalier I have played in the Temple of Elemental Evil, William of Graystone.  He started off as a retainer to another cavalier I played, The Baron of Graystone.  The Baron died in the mouth of a white dragon, William took up his lord's sword, a Frostbrand named Chauncy--the DM asked for a name and it was the first thing I said, sue me I was tired--and became an NPC.  Then, as the new party bumbled and stumbled our way into the Temple and its plots within plots, we lost our main fighter and I had lost another character, a rouge I think--there was such a high turnover in that game ugh--William came back as a PC.  Later, he became a she with a belt that switched your gender--cursed items, got to love them.  William became Willmenia and I rolled with it.  We defeated the Temple and continued forward.  When we reached a crux in the plotline, Willmenia changed from Lawful Good to Lawful Evil, gave up the sword--Chauncy was a Lawful Good sword--made a deal with Nerull and gained a vampiric sword in the deal...I could go on for a bit more...

Yet, At the moment, it is a tie between Symal, who will always be the first great PC I even played and William/menia who changed the most and I was able to roleplay that whole changeover from good to evil for the right reasons.  So, there is your answer.  A tie between Symal the ranger and William the cavalier.

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