Monday, August 27, 2012

After a long break...spells

Sorry, I don't know what happened, got lost in a time vortex or just was in a really weird headspace for a bit, either way, I'm back.

Much has happened since I left.  One is that there was a near break down of my Sunday group and the game I was running with them.  On Monday, we have taken a leave of absence from D&D to pursue Legend of the Five Rings.  It is a very interesting system and setting, very in-depth story lines and complex structure of clans, families and individuals.  I'm loving the game, and can't wait for more.  Plus, it has inspired a strange idea in my own head, a sci-fi setting using the background of the L5R rules and system.  Will keep you posted on how that is going soon.

I am still trying to slog through the D&D Next playtest rules part two.  I wish I had more to tell you other than it feels like they already had their own opinion and the beta test is kinda moot.  I could be wrong, this is just my own opinion.  Once again, I will write something up when I can.

Finally, there is a post today from a fellow blogger and member of the RFI podcast, The Evil GM, who this week talked about spell level and the caster's ability.  He brought up a point that I know I've had trouble dealing with recently.

Why does a caster HAVE to only cast low level spells?  Is the arcane formula to tricky for their low level brain to grasp?  Is a caster with an INT of 17 not able to wrap his mind around something at level 4 that he can at level 12?  Or 15?  Or 18?  I know I use to come down on the other side of this debate, "Well, the rules state this and that, therefore..."  But, I've been thinking more and more that a magic user could cast a MUCH higher level spell than the rules say s/he should.  There should be a gauge to help keep the MU from casting 3 Wish spells at level 4, but, I think it should be allowed.

I'm sure there is a table or something out there that can be used for random issues that transpire if a MU tries to use a spell of a higher level.  I'm a little lazy...I would probably just have the caster roll a d100 and come up with something on the fly.  Or maybe use the random Wild Magic effects from 2E Spells and Magic.  Always a fun chart.

Anyway, I am going to stop here and try to figure out a few things...hopefully be back soon.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Late Wed. post

So, been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to write here.  I have plenty of ideas, to many I think.  All of them are just crushing together and jamming into the doorway all at once.

Something I want to work on is another ConstantCon game.  Something set in my world of Sydell that will have very little to do with the other two campaigns going on.  Yet, there is that small part of me that wants it to be part of the overarching structure of the game.  Something that will hep expand the knowledge of my sandbox world.

However, I think the best thing to do would be to follow the mold with ConstantCon a little more.  The megadungeon that is explored little by little.  But, then I think back to what B/X Blackrazor said here and it has gotten me to think a little more about what I want in a campaign.

Of course, another part of me wants to stop the campaigns, for a week or two and sit my ass in a chair and write down all the stuff that needs to be written down for the campaign notebook to be filled up.  One of the games did take a small hiatus because one of the players is gone.  The reason I am not willing to run it until he gets back is not that he is center to the plot.  I just don't want him to come back and feel like I punished his character for leaving or something.

So, last Monday I tried a game called L5R, Legend of the Five Rings.  It is rather fun.  A neat little d10 system.  I liked it, and kinda waiting for more next week.

And, I have just lost my train of thought, I'm gonna take off.  Might come back and write more later...