Wednesday, September 4, 2013

30 Day Challenge--Day Four

What gameworld?  Oh boy, that is a loaded question.  I love Faerun, yet I also hate it.  Greyhawk is interesting, yet there are some issues I have with it.  But who knows why.  Yes, Temple of Elemental Evil took a part of my soul, yet that isn't it.

The problem is I prefer my own gameworlds to run.  Running the Realms is sometimes hard with players who are more knowledgeable of the Realms than I am.  It is hard to run when the players start to dictate what is going on and all of these changes are in books that part of me has no intention of reading.

But, if it must be a published world, The Forgotten Realms are still fun to kick around in.  So there you go.

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