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Sydell Campaign-LotFP overview

I know I threw this up on ConstantCon, but I thought I would toss it up here as well.

Hey all, I'm running a game on ConstantCon.  This is the page for the LotFP rule version.

My blog is

The game is to be run at 2 p.m. PST/ 11 p.m. in France starting the 24th of Jan and every week after.
The system is LotFP (which can be found on his website here.)

Going to be using Google Plus: you can find me at dragolite 1 at gmail dot com or Googgle Plus under the name Lon Varnadore (my avatar is my girlfriend and myself with sunglasses looking into the camera.)

players: 4-6 1st lvl. characters only please.  FLAILSNAIL welcome.
This is a campaign that will be ongoing, I am looking for a group of players that will be able to get on week after week.  I do not mind changing the time to every other week if necessary.

Sydell is a place of dangers and wonders.  A land where most gods have passed on, and only a few grant power to their faithful.  Where the riches are all around, if you know where to look.  Where spell and sword might be enough to protect you.

This is a campaign that will be one of a number of plot lines.  Choose your path.  The only thing you know is that you have taken a caravan to a town called Mytheran.  Here, you can get a job working for the Church of Theran, the Church of Sylenia or find some work in the local tavern of the Broken Spoke or the Three Coins Inn.

I'm not one for rules lawyers.   THERE IS NO RAILROAD.  If your party wants to go off an do something else, don't worry there is something else to do.  But, be wary of leaving things half finished.

Quick primer-

Fifty years ago, after a monumental battle between the forces of good and evil, most of the gods stopped granting powers to their faithful.  The battleground was before a place that still exists.  It is called the Old Temple.  Strange things are still rumored to be there.  A handful of them still do, while the others were quickly forgotten.  Ancient altars to long forgotten gods still exist and, some rumors say that the gods will grant powers for a price.

Rumors also abound that the Elves had something to do with the disappearance of the gods.  There is a great schism between Man and the Elves.  Yet, the Elves are still viewed as allies by some.

The Gods that still have worshipers:

Theran-goddess of light and healing

Sylenia-goddess of the moon and music

Xellex-god of magic

There are two large cities, ones that are the center of power.  One if Vel'eth: the city on the water.  (Much like Venice.)  This city sits off the coast of the Great Sea and is a major center of trade.  The other city is a huge city called Zelfane, a place cloaked under clouds that never fully leave the city.  This is the largest city of Sydell, and it is a place of strangeness, wonder and weirdness.

Mytheran is a small town a half days travel from the city of Zelfane.  Two churches lay close to each other.  The Temple of the Singing Heart, devoted to Sylenia and the Temple of the Radiant Sun, devoted to Theran.  The two churches work closely with each other, they are sister goddesses.  Yet, there is some dissent between the two at times.

Mytheran itself is a small hub of trade, laying so close to Zelfane and the River Rel that is an artery to Vel'eth.  Your characters have come by caravan to this town to get money, find a job, something.  Because it is this, or go back home and raise turnips.  And, none of you want that.

I did say that I want new 1st lvl. characters, yet I am willing to have any FLAILSNAIL players come in and play.  If you like it, great, stay awhile.  If you don't, then no need to worry.  My goal is to get a full group of 4-6 players that stick around from week to week.  If so, amazing!  If not, I will deal with it.

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