Monday, January 30, 2012

Penultimate post to 100!

Wow, I just realized I missed the 1 year birthday of this blog.  Many things have changed, some have not:

The podcast that my friends and I do is still on hiatus.  I might try to get that back soon, so look for it in Feb.

I am STILL grinding through the module The Temple of Elemental Evil.  Though, to go into a quick game story: the former bladesinger/delusional elf (still thinking he is a dragon) went to the Silver Consortium and was able to buy a Deck of Many Things.  [Henceforth known as mistake number 3, One being, "Hey, let's eat a dragon brain." Two "Hey, let's eat the brain of a spawn between a dragon and an evil deity!" (He lost a level.)]  After some roleplaying with several NPCs, he decided to use it--wanting to pull the card with wishes.  He drew three cards.  The first one removed all of his magic items.  (Sidenote, sorry I know there are many but information needs to be had, he has spent three years--out of game--building this character up.  He had a magnificent library inside his bag of holding, as well as his spellbook and ALL his money.)  The card went back into the deck and he drew it agian, so nothing happened.  The last one gave him an answer to his next dilemma.  The player has since said that his character sheet is a blank sheet now.  He sees everything through his possessions, which is kind of dumb in my point of view.  But each his own.  The one good thing that came from his sacrifice was we now know where the end game item is and have a good chance of getting in and out without having to take down all of the Temple in one long slow grind.  One can hope...

I have started to run a game on Google Plus.  The first session went very well.  I am very hopeful for this game to continue for some time.  My players enjoyed it and I am eagerly awaiting the next session.  (More on that tomorrow.)

My 2E game ground to a halt because of inter-party strife.  I will not go into details, but I seriously doubt that the game will get off the ground again.  I might take a break from doing any kind of GMing for awhile, except for the ConstantCon game.  (If you're looking for my game, look for Sydell.  People are more than welcome to come and jump in.)

Yet, even as I say I am not going to run, I look at the world I am running using the LotFP rules and I like them, yet there is a part of me that chafes, that says that this world needs to be added to, you can expand much more of it using your ideas.  (It might be the topic of my next blog, I am not sure.  But, I have this idea brewing for a very Frankenstein-like bogged together rule set.  Stay tuned.)  One thing that has me thinking of it is two other blogs, both of them talking about the assassin, here and here.  (JB goes on for three posts about the assassin, and I just now discovered his part four was cut short because he was taken from the campaign.  Read all about it on their blogs.)  Getting back to my own feelings, especially when Alexis talks about his ideas of the assassin, it gets me to think about my own views and that sparks ideas and starts to build up scenarios in my head and I see adventure paths set out before me.  Heck, I also picked up a compilation copy of Conan:  The Frost-Giant's Daughter and it has my head spinning out ideas for barbarians and building them into the world of Sydell as well.  Even the cavalier I have in the Tempe game sometimes makes me think about different factions I can add, sending me running for my journals to jot down notes.  (NOTE to my ConstantCon Players: I am not going to add in much for your game.  A few ideas might slip in, yet I am not going to be distracted and let the game slip away from me.  At least I hope not. ;-P)

It has been an interesting year for this blog.  The fact I only have 99 posts thus far does not mean I have somehow failed in my blogging.  I hope to try and get to 200 or more before the end of the year.  It is a goal, yet if I don't make it, I don't make it.  C'est la vie.

And, my final thoughts for today concern what I will be doing tonight.  I shall be playing 4E, yes the one I have earlier gnashed my teeth about and have tried to play and couldn't get into it.  Yet, I am an edition war free blog now, so I will not call it some dreaded name.  I have some apprehension playing in this, yet it is suppose to be a short game.  I will tell you all about it.  Hopefully tomorrow.

(Do I wish to end this with some allusion to the rap song, or the meme of Skyrim going around with 99 arrows?  I think not...)

Until next time, may evil be confused on its way to your door.

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