Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another question about XP...

So, for all of you out there who don't know, there is something on Google Plus.  ConstantCon is a way for anyone on Google Plus to game with anyone else using the hang-out feature.  I have gone through a game and it was fun.

Now I want to run my own game on there.  Actually, I am going to try and run two games on Google Plus.  They will both be in the same world, one is going to be under the LotFP rules.  (The link goes to the main site.  On the left hand side there are rules for the game if you wish to peruse.  And, the rules are very nice and simple.)  I want to use it for two reasons.  One is that they are, as I stated, very simple and anyone can get their hands on a copy.  Two, I have been itching to try and run a campaign using these rules.  The other system I want to use is a 1E/2E hybrid I have been toying with for awhile.  There are many house rules that I will be posting on this site soon, I hope.  This is something of an issue, I'm not sure where people will be able to get the rules.

And, now after that long explanation, here is my question about xp.

Should I use it?

I hate dolling out xp.  It the one problem I have had with gaming.  My first GM never handed out xp.  We simply were told when we were leveling and went from there.  And, I think I was spoiled by that.  Giving out xp is kinda dull in my opinion and I never have the numbers written down.  It takes a long time for me to give out xp and I think that it would go faster if I stated, ok, you leveled.

Granted, I'm not going to let them level anywhere.  They need to be in a safe place and survive.  And, I might have them try and find a mentor, yet this is only something I am pondering.

If you want to, drop me a comment down below.  And, I will be posting something about my Google Plus game soon.

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