Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Edition Wars...I want off the bandwagon

I have been wondering around the hills, dales, vales, dungeons and even braved the nodes of the Temple of Elemental Evil, Existential Evil and even braved the Return to the Temple and though I wanted to sally forth again into Hommlet for the current rules, I never have.

Yet, I have always complained, bitched and ranted about the rule sets that aren't MY edition of D&D.  And, I think I might have mellowed a little with age.  Because, I have gotten to the point where I just don't care anymore.  I will talk about the edition I want to, I might bring up a note or two, perhaps with a sarcastic quip along with it, yet I can't do this fighting anymore.  I am done, I am burning my draft card for the 2nd edition light brigade and just getting back to playing the damn game!

Am I saying I want to hold hands and sing?  NO!  Everyone is going to have their own edition or retro-clone that they want to play.  I am one of those people who love 2nd edition.  I also have found 1st edition AD&D to be an intriguing system.  But, I can't gripe and bitch about how something that is coming out now is horrible and a piece of shite.  Just done with this petty bull.

Everyone is going to play the edition that they want to.  GO FOR IT!  It doesn't matter what others say.  If all your friends want to play 4e, and you want to play Metzer, find a group who will.  OR, ask your friends to try it.  They might actually like some of it.  If they don't and call you stupid, go get new friends.

All of the edition have merits and flaws.  It is the nature of the role playing beast.  Everyone will have a favorite.  I know what mine is.  You know what yours is.  Should we get over this edition war bull, yes!  Do we have to agree?  FUCK no!  Should we at least be civil to each other?  YES!!!  We are all gamers here.  Be cool to each other.  Try a different edition ever once and again.  If you have and think everything after Holmes is horrendous, then by all means play your little heart out of Holmes.  If you think 4e is the bee's knees (yes, I went there) have fun!  Long as you tolerate other gamers and maybe try something new every once and again, things will be fine.

There is something for everyone out there.  As for me, I'm going to my shelf and work on a 1st edition campaign.  And, play in the Hackmaster/1st ed. mash up.  And, Serenity and the Fallout game.

Thanks for reading.

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