Thursday, June 2, 2011

Campaign making

Recently I started making a 1st edition AD&D campaign.  I have no idea how long it will last, yet I always try and make these campaigns that will last a long time.  And, one thing happens ever time...

I find something better I want to try or the game runs out of steam.  When I say "better" I mean something different.  The "new shiny" as some gamers put it.  I have tried to squash this as much as I can when I started the Star Wars Saga game awhile back.  It worked, to some extent.  Yet, I wasn't helping my case with listening to various podcasts about the different D&D editions that I listen to repeatedly and randomly pulling out role playing books and leafing through them if I was bored.  Yet, this is something that will happen.  This is just how I am.

But, does that mean I am going to stop planning?  No.  Cause I think there is something else.  The Star Wars Saga game ran out of steam for various reasons.  There were problems and inter-party issues.  Yet, mostly, it was me running out of ideas to throw at the party.  I made that game a sandbox and it was just to vast for me to really get the story moving when I switched from a gunning style to letting the characters catch their breath.

This new campaign I have based partially on some ides from the podcast RFI and their real play podcast.  Also throwing in a sprinkling of modules from various editions and and some clones of the game as well.  This is something that I have wanted to do for awhile.  Have these modules in the game, set out in various places waiting to be discovered.  Some aren't exactly what the actual modules are like, needing to be adjusted for the campaign world itself.  This is just the way of things when it comes to a campaign.  Or at least with my campaign.

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