Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Desert Adventure

I'm going on a sort of vacation for the week.  I will update this blog as much as I can.

I do find one thing interesting.  For the next week, I'm going to be a condo int he desert and I packed up a few clothes and the like, don't need to bring other things, it is my parent's condo.  But, I did bring D&D books and modules.

I see this as an opportunity to really flesh out this world I am creating and this campaign.  I will try and post pix of all the books I brought.  What is interesting is that I have brought such a range.  I have most of the 1st edition books with me.  But, I also brought a few 4e books, after stepping off the bandwagon of the war, I find I am looking at them in a different light.  They have some interesting points, some nice fluff and a nice dungeon design or two.  That is the reason I brought them, not to play the game.  (Though, I might find a game out here with some other gamer nerds.  You never know...)

Also, brought a few things from Hackmaster.  This isn't to big of a mindboggle.  It is a synthesis of 1st and 2nd edition with some real extra crunch thrown in.  Also, brought some Castles and Crusade stuff, using the Castle of Zagyg setting for encounters and random stuff.

Yet, this will be a 1st. edition game.  Completely...well, there might be a minor change or two to the rules.  Yet, Gygax said they are guidelines.

Now, I am off to try and find some graph paper and work on a map.  I like drawing them, yet at the same time, I am horrible.  I can never get the scale right for world maps.  Oh well...

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