Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DCC and 1st edition

If you haven't heard yet, Goodman Games has a beta of their Dungeon Crawler Classic rules, get it right here.

I have looked over the beta a few times and I like most of what they have.  This is not the heroic AD&D, this is gritty and harsh.  I fucking love it!  I plan on trying to get some guys together for a short game or two.  But, it has already burrowed its way into my head.

Luck is involved in this game.  Thieves need it for a boost to skills.  Fighters get it for extra boost to a weapon.  Wizard and Clerics get it for helping get through spell checks.  This is an amazing little rule that I have added it to the 1st edition AD&D game I am working on.  I need to change a few things, but hey, it happens.

Also, another thing I am adding is the way magic works in DCC.  Two things happen in DCC.  One is whenever a magic user learns a spell, something weird and/or bizarre can happen.  Wind could shoot out from the wizard, tiny demons could spill out and surround the caster for a few rounds or it could be harder for him to cast the spell.  Also, there is a mechanic called corruption.  Arcane magic is dangerous again.  This is something I have been looking for, to make magic strange again.  Clerics have their own deal as well.  I highly recommend this game after just skimming it.

However, a warning, this is not a complete set of rules.  This is just a beta.  You take characters from 0-3, (YES, you have to start at lvl. 0), in a short campaign.  The rules come out in November--I already have my copy pre-ordered.  I am looking forward to it.

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