Friday, July 27, 2012

Stuff in the mail...

Well, today I got two things in the mail.  One thing I was surprised at, and the other I've been waiting for since Jan.

Yes, the second item was the reprints of the 1E AD&D books.  They are very nice.  I just pulled them out of the box.  Need some time to go over them, but they look really cool so far.

The first item was a surprise that it came as quick as it did.  The X-plorers box set.  Now, I got the single book version for free when I bought the boxes from Brave Halfling.  They are gorgeous boxes, and still trying to figure out what I want to put inside them.  But, they were a little late, and John threw in the X-plorers book as a freebie.  Which was cool.  But, I dig the box set and even though Brendan had some issues with it, he thought it was a neat box set.  So, I went to Noble Knights and purchased it.  They are quick and reliable.

(This is not an attack, simply a bitch)

And, now for a small bitch.  I know John is going through some issues right now and I completely understand.  The way of the world these days, many people are having the same problem he has.  (And, but for the grace of...well luck in picking who I was born to I suppose I would be in similar straights.)  The bitch is this...I bought a copy of his Delving Deep and have yet to receive it.  I am sure there is a perfectly valid reason for it not to be here.  I'm not asking for my money back.  I only want the product that I purchased.

I also hope that you land on your feet and continue to publish the products you do.

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