Friday, July 20, 2012

Ahhh, those late posts...

I had every intention of writing a blog post about going to see Batman: Rise of the Dark Knight, and some other thoughts when I got home from watching a marathon of the three movies.  Yet, that was quickly squashed when I had to drive someone home and didn't get to bed until 6.  Now, I should be doing other things, but I'm going to post something about something...

After watching Batman Begins, while we had a break to go get more food and use the bathroom, two theater employees cam in and asked two trivia questions.  They promised more, but I don't remember them coming in, though I was gone for a lengthy period of time.  Anyway, the first question was, "Nolan has said he can break down the three movies to a single word.  Those are...Fear, Chaos and Pain."  I almost had it, but didn't know the third one, yet it was obvious once uttered.

This got me to think about gaming, as things usually do.  I wonder if there is a way you could break down your campaign into a single word.  Or even a single sentence.  I think I can, and for all of my players out there who read the blog, enjoy...

The way to sum up my campaigns that I am running, both the 1st edition game and the 3.5 one, as well as the possible third game I have been thinking about running for another group of gamers is to use one of the words that Nolan used.


My players will find out, or not if they choose not to continue, what I mean by that and I will come back to this point later on once the campaign is closer to completion or dies in the water.  (I hope for the former and dread the latter.)

(And, I just got word that Paizo is sending out the 1E reprints!  Stoked to be getting those in the mail soon!)

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