Monday, July 23, 2012

A short post

I was perusing the blogosphere and caught this at Greyhawk Grognard.  It is an interesting way to look at the upcoming 5E.  And, it makes me think about some of the games I have run.  There are times to run, and there are times to try and negotiate.

Yet, the question becomes, "What happens if they refuse to negotiate or run?" I use to think the answer was, fudge some die and let them live.  Sometimes I think it should be death.  But, I'm thinking that now, the best thing is to fight them, get them close to death and capture them.

An example of my 1E game is I had the group surrounded by saughain(sic), about 300 of them.  The NPC captain tried to negotiate, yet the cleric refused to have anything to do with the devil fish.  I can't completely blame him, yet  I should have either had them get killed or captured.  Instead I had the NPC captain save them and that is a bad idea.  A better idea would have been to either just say, "They swarm the boat and kill you." Or, "You all fight bravely, but are taken out.  Hours later..."

(A short post I know, but feeling kinda sick still.  Should be better by Wed.)

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