Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Star Wars and Temple of Elemental Evil

Hello all and welcome to a double dose of gaming updates.

First off, since it is fresh in my head, I will tell you how my first Sta Wars Saga game went.  In a word, smooth.  We have two humans, a scoundrel and a soldier, a Duros scout and a Miralukan Jedi.  The game is set int he Dark Age or Purge Era between episode 3 and 4 of the Star Wars movies.  There are two other characters that were rolled up, yet neither player was here and I don't believe in NPCing player's characters if they aren't here.

The game started with a blast as the four found themselves in the Blackstone Cantina in the city of Peroon, the only real city.  The scoundrel and soldier were getting two parts of the same job of guarding a woman named Glenda when two things happened.  A small swoop gang started to act strange and some Imperials came in under the leadership of Gher Thull a sub-clerk of Sarn Shild.  The swoop gang leader started to threaten the woman and the solider was having none of that.  So, a small fire fight erupted with the help of the solider screaming out, "Jedi scum!"  Half the swoop gang was gunned down, the other half arrested.  Three of the four found themselves bound together while the scout was given a job by the mysterious Glenda for a "private tour" of the B'omarr monastery ruins the next day.

The scoundrel poked around trying to figure out what was going on and almost ended up dead due to a dark Jedi adept when he tried to rig a warehouse to explode and the scout found out the Empire was keeping the ruins of the monastery in a "quarantine zone."  The scout, solider and Glenda take off int he morning and run into the mind tricked scoundrel and young Jedi on an escaping swoop bike.

The game ended with a swoop gang, airspeeders and two ships chasing them.  One of them was the mysterious Glenda's--actually Ice Hilda's--ship Horus.  By the skin of their teeth, the group of four escape and blasted off towards space when the session ended.

Thoughts after the session.  I was amazed at how smooth the game ran.  I think I can thank this guy and his advice.  I found that if I just let my mind go, then I remembered more of the rules.  For those I didn't, we winged it and no one really had a problem with it.  Looking forward to the next game.

After a small respite from the temple, the group went hunting trolls and were waylaid by a hurricane that trapped them for the better part of a month.  They found the surrounding land devastated and we trudged back to Hommlet.  Then, we turned our sites back to the temple.  And, after some water logged roadwork later--and a nasty attack by owlbears--we entered the temple and following the strange elf Renu, we found the leader of the Earth Temple--Romag--and slaughtered him and many of his followers.

Then. we turned to the center of the Earth Temple, a vile ziggurat of dirt and stone.  It was guarded by four Stone Golems.  While in the first foray, Sir William, an NPC cavalier was struck dead.  Renu went in to deal with them for a time, and then my own Dwallin-priest of the dwarven pantheon--entered the fray with Sir William's own sword named Chauncy.  (This sword was once wielded by my PC cavalier, The Baron of Graystone.  Sir William was a follower.  Since The Baron's death, Sir William has been the group's only real fighter.)  The dwarf and elf were able to best the other elementals and crept back to a hiding area where Sir William was brought back with a minor version of raise dead.

Thoughts after playing the Temple game...my dwarf needs to get more religious and break his quirk of "Little Faith."  (Yes, this is a Hackmaster/D&D mix-up.)

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