Monday, February 7, 2011

Game update: The Temple of Elemental Evil

Well, tonight marked the return of our gaming group to the Temple of Elemental Evil.

We started the temple module long ago, about a year ago.  Then, in late summer we had a big crash.  We had a high turn over of player characters and some of us got burned out, at least I know I did.  SO, we stopped and after a few months grasping at other campaigns and my own aborted attempt at running it with 2nd edition rules, we started a pure Hackmaster game in October I believe.

We again floundered a little with a tough but fair DM.  It was still set in Greyhawk and we even saw a group of people leave the city of Verbobonc to go put down this temple.  (It was the party that started the other game.)  For more than a few months, we have been hearing about their exploits and even flirted with going into the temple again.  Yet, we were determined to not go.

Then, we were pushed and prodded by our own choices and ended up returning.  The leader of our adventuring band was almost killed by a black pudding and we took off in a hurry.  I won't bore you with details, yet the short answer is the group broke up over moral objections.

The DM gave us an option, to bring in other characters.  There was one dwarf priest I had that left the temple in a hurry because of a personal choice.  I lost the sheet, yet resurrected him in the Hackmaster system.  Also, we have come to find that the point where most of the first group to attempt to take down the temple and failed has just passed.  The only surviving member of the party was one a priest of the goddess Selune--out DM and this player love using Sigil and the Planescape settings--has elected to help out new group conquer the temple.

And so, we charge again...once more into the temple, once more.  Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do...or die.

I shall keep you updated if you want to keep reading about it.

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