Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sorry, no podcast...and ideas on the horizon

Sorry, there will be no podcast this week.  Yes, if you come here for the podcast last weeks was horrible.  I have fired the sound engineer--myself.  Next week, we will go back to Dave being the one in charge of such things.  (If you want to know the reason for the podcast not being up, jump to the end of the blog.)

For any of you that didn't hear--read last time, I was in a Constantcon event with Evan from In Places Deep.  (This link will take you to the write-up I did of the session, which was fun.)  After using Google Plus, I have found that there is a neat way get together with friends online and play.

A quick side-note.  I was talking about this last night to my players and one of them, Josh, mentioned in a sarcastic manner that this has been going on for awhile through Skype, through Ventrillo and through other things like AIM and other chat programs.  I agree.  It is much like when a "discovery" is made about gaming, a way of working a theme into a novel or story, or heck even art, the generation that discovers it think they are trailblazers.  It is simply how people are built.

Moving on, the whole idea of Constantcon (a quick link to the blog maintained for the event if any readers want to jump on board with it) has me thinking about trying to do a campaign through it.  It means making sure that players are there week after week, yet availability might be a touch better since if the player is home and has a few hours to kill it might be able to get done instead of having to drive to someone's house.

Anyway, there are two games I am thinking of trying to get a campaign for.  One would be using the LotFP rules, just because they are easy and widely available.  Heck, Raggi has it for free over at his blog.  (Just go to the sidebar on the left hand side and there is a link to the grindhouse rules.)

Another reason I would use these rules is they are very simply and could be houseruled with easy.  I am always in favor of houseruling things.  I would have to have it on my blog about houserules, which I could easily do...And have to if I want to run a successful event.

The other idea is to run a sci-fi game using the Stars Without Number rule set.  I was looking over it and was amazed at how easy the rules are.  Also, the rule set is free if you want to get a pdf version.  Mongoose printed out a hardback ruleset.  It added aliens and starships to the mix, not sure if it was worth the price, yet I am someone who prefers to read off a bound copy of something instead of off a computer screen.

I will talk more about these future games on the blog.  For now, I will close with the reason we didn't have a podcast...

My group has for the last few weeks been floundering in game.  A goblin horde destroyed the city they were in, their quest items have disappeared and they are confused as to what is going on.  Last night we also finally had everyone together.  For about an hour, we sat around and had to discuss what was going on.  The group was heated because they had no idea what was going on.  They felt as though they were being dragged through events instead of moving the events forward.  I maintain that they caused this themselves, and they did realize it.  Yet things did need to get hashed out.  I do hope things have been resolved because it has bogged down the game to the point where I was ready to up and quit.

I didn't though and today I am glad I didn't.  After a full nights sleep it what seems like a long time, I have new ideas to spin out for the group that should be interesting.  I will keep you all appraised of it.

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