Saturday, December 10, 2011

ConstantCon report

So, earlier today I took part in my very first ConstantCon event.  It was put on by Evan in his Nightwick Abbey setting.  I gave it a write up--scored an extra 100 xp doing it--and had fun.  I think it would have been better had I actually had my mic with me, but I made things work with the chat function of Google+ hangout.

I must say, I loved the game.  It also got me thinking about trying to run my own ConstantCon game.  Yet, I want to run one that would have a greater chance of keeping the same group of people playing.  I will ponder it some more and keep you up to date.

In my own game, we had some issues that I hope to cover on the next podcast the group does.  Until then...

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