Monday, September 5, 2011

Thoughts...thoughts and podcast stuff...

First off, I would have put this in the comment section of my last post, but Blogger isn't working right.  I couldn't even get my own blog to load.  Oh well...

Second, tonight we played an amazing game of Temple of Elemental Evil.  In this part of the game, Hedrack has pulled out a red dragon, a mature red, to cause chaos and destruction over the Kron Hills area.  Tonight, the group took it down.  I won't bore you all with details and minutia.  We struck down the beast, in mid-air, with gumption, heart, and a whole mess of luck.  Next part is the hoard and back to the temple for the last node gem and the golden skull!

Third, this is the real reason I am putting this up right now, and I am sorry to Rich for going on and on about other things...but hey, this is a blog.  The podcast I do with several others is up on iTunes, just go to the search engine and plug in RPG: Rants and Raves.  You should get it.

Finally, I have been thinking about Temple of Elemental Evil often.  And, the DM who is running it, Tom who is on the podcast once and again, talks about how it needs to be the center of the story.  It must be everything.  I don't agree.  I think that, while it is something that should be one of the main plots of a story, it shouldn't be the ONLY plotline.  There is a bit of a want to plant the Temple into my next campaign.  It won't be the only one.  It will be there, and will be a part of the plot.  Yet, it won't be everything.

And, now I am off to sleep.

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