Friday, September 16, 2011


I have been able to get my group of players together for a 2/2.5E D&D game.  They have rolled up characters and I will try to keep those readers who want updated.  I am also going to try and get my Obsidian Portal site up and working again.

The characters are:

A female human ranger who was pulled from another campaign.  Her name is Miriya, she is looking for a book for the woman who pulled her from the other dimension.  She feels a little obligated, since the woman saved her from the nasty death of a gnoll stew pot.

A female tiefling that was raised by humans, who were slain in a violent war in the North.  She is a priestess of the moon and a bard.  Her name is Dissidria.  She seeks to know about her past.

A male human paladin that fell, turned from the path of the paladin and has taken on the ascetic life of a monk.  His name is Thomas "The Penitent Guardian" Girvan.  He strives to continue the path of upholding the good of his goddess without the stiffness of the paladin code.

A male human thief that is skilled at escaping from dungeons.  His name is Anthony "The Ferret" Steward.  He has found himself in trouble with the law by helping the former paladin.  He now finds himself chained to the paladin, at least for the moment, and is being dragged to the Temple of Theran, Goddess of Light and Healing for the rest of his penitence.

The final member is a drow male.  (In my world, the drow aren't anathema.  They aren't trusted, yet not enough to be killed on sight.) Phryinid'Dris, a wizard who has become embroiled in something that might be to much for him

More will be written up later...


  1. I'm delighted to see the majority of characters playing humans. I think it's a bit to often I see people only interested in the racial bonuses.

  2. It is something I have tried to force upon my player several times. It is interesting what happens when I don't do anything and allow them to choose whatever race/class combo they want.