Friday, August 5, 2011

This is not a flame war...I swear/Faerun

My friend, and when I say that I don't mean a guy I've been talking to online for ten years I mean I know this guy in real life, has a blog that he just started.  And he and I have gone back and forth about Heroes vs. Adeventurers.  I'm gonna stop now with going back and forth with him, cuase that is not what this blog is about.  It isn't about how I have a better opinion.  I'm just giving mine.  I also think he and I can continue our little debate--which I know will never really end--in private.

I have been reading more than a few articles and posts put up by this guy.  I think he makes quite a bit of sense.  I have stolen many tables from him.  Same with this guy as well.  I love looking around the blogsphere of the OSR and finding crunchy and not-so-crunchy bits of information and wisdom to use in games.  Sometimes these are contradictory, yet mostly they work.

In fact, because of something I read at Jeff's Blog, I think I'm going to put up an idea or two I have been kicking around.

First off, you need to know I cut my teeth on 2nd ed.  I came to gaming later than most of the old school guys.  I got a taste of it in college, yet not enough to want to try more.  But the first actual campaign I played in was 2nd edition.  I know that is on the outskirt of the OSR, it is mostly OD&D and 1E, yet I still think it is better than anything WotC put out.

Second, I both love and hate Faerun.  I love it because it was the place of the campaign.  I love some of the locations, some of the NPCs and the fact I have access to maps of the region.  I hate the high magic of it, the Uber-powered NPCs, the way some of the realms are set up and the glut of novels that have made every reader an armchair DM who thinks they know the world better than I do.  (They might, but that is besides the point.)

So, here is what I am going to do to my beloved/hated Faerun.  I'm sending down a cleansing balefire and wiping out the world and starting over.  I might allow the gods a saving throw, yet that is pretty much it.

I want to use the map of Faerun and maybe the cities, and a few of the gods.  Yet that is all I'm doing.  The magic level is going to be cranked way down.  (I'll use a pipe wrench of Gond if I have to.  He is staying, regardless of who else does or doesn't.)

Why you ask?  Why do all of this?

Two reasons:

I want to.

I can.

Granted all of this is going to be a massive undertaking in and of itself trying to repopulate cities and making up my own NPCs, not to mention facing some of the weepy stares of and mewling cries of "What did you do to MY game setting?" But, hey, this is my game and I can do what I want.

And, now I am off to start those rolls for the gods.  Hmm, this should be fun...

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