Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ran the Nuke of gaming...Death Frost Doom

Hey everyone.

So, I just now finished a game that started late late at night.  Around 1 AM, I had three friends start on a journey through the module called Death Frost Doom.  It is now 7 and we just finished.  We did a major grind of it.

ALSO, it is set in Ravenloft.  I am still new to it and was winging about half the issues the characters dealt with.  They didn't pass certain checks.  But instead of going mad, they slowly lost their grip on things.  This is a great module to use for Ravenloft in my humble opinion.

The only thing I am going to really talk about now, and it won't be much cause I need to get some sleep, is that they didn't like the "surprise" at the end of the game with the plant.

For those of you who don't know, it is a "gotcha" module.  You need to hack through a plant to get to the "maguffin" of the adventure.  By doing this, it releases ghouls, skeletons and other undead.  Thousands of them.

They safely got back to the inn they started in, yet now, they have released thousands of undead.  It should be interesting to figure out what they will do now.

Goodnight everyone, I sleep now...

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