Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hopefully, a game tonight...

Tonight I will hopefully go back to playing the mash up Hackmaster/1st ed. Temple of Elemental Evil game.  I have been through a lot in this game in the past year and a half.  Gone through almost ten characters.  And, I think the final fight is in sight.

How did I lose ten characters?  Well, many of them I lost in the temple somehow.  I was rash, stupid or in one case, just a few bad rolls.  (And, our cleric wasn't there, which would have helped.)  Also, a few I retired for various reasons.  In fact, we rebooted the game and had to restart.  Yet, the way our DM rebooted it was we had the new characters being drawn into the machinations of the temple while our "first group" was still dealing with the temple.  Our most recent group came in with half of the temple already decimated by the swords and spells of the first group.  So, it was a re-boot more of a separate storyline that converged.

My favorite character, thus far, was the very first one I played.  Sir Jeremiah Wallace, the Baron of Graystone.  A cavalier who died at 6th level to a white dragon in the air node.  Currently, I am playing one of Jeremiah's followers, Sir William de Montefort.  He has the sword of his one time leader, Chauncy (Yes, I cam up with the name and it was the first thing that popped into my head.)  If any of you know much about the temple, this is a mild spoiler, there is a +3 frostbrand in the game.  Our DM rolled up the random powers of this sword.  It can detect shifting walls, levitate me and detect evil.  It is an amazing sword and has saved Sir Jeremiah and Sir William's ass on many occasions.

More late on the game...I will do another post when I get home.

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