Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Out of the pit...

Well, I have crawled out of whatever cavern I had found myself in, gotten back into writing a blog (we shall see how long it lasts.)  The podcast did podfade, yet I am still trying to get things together to make it work properly so we can cast a rez spell on the podcast and get back to it.

Many things to talk about and never enough time.  Earlier this year I talked about a "John Adams" who was part of Halfling Publishing.  I had bought the Delving Deeper Boxset and was concerned that I hadn't hear anything from him.  Well, recently I have been getting emails about the boxset and it should ship Wed. he says.  I just downloaded the pdfs and can't wait to look them over.

Also, several kickstarter and indiegogo projects have wrapped and are in various modes of release or waiting for release.  I received Barrowmaze II, which is amazing.  I got Rappan Athuk which is a monstrous book alone, but I also sprung for the Slumber Tsar Saga which is a monolith in and of itself.  Also received Adventure Dark and Deep A Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore.  I have not had time recently to look them over and I can't wait to actually do so.

Gaming has been moving forward.  I continue to fight in the 1E game on Sunday as Sir William de Montefort, who has been cursed, into Lady Wilma.  (Belt of masculinity/femininity--Gygax you magnificent bastard you.) He/she has recently gone through some major changes and I will explain more at a few post.

On Monday, I am currently running a Star Wars Saga game in the KoTOR era.  It is interesting and kinda fun to have a break from the run-of-the-mill fantasy.  Plus, there are plenty of Sith and vile things to throw at the characters in such a time, a group I love to use.  There is another group that I will go into later, since my players read this blog and I don't want to give away to much, yet...

Until next time...may the dice land favorably...

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