Monday, August 27, 2012

After a long break...spells

Sorry, I don't know what happened, got lost in a time vortex or just was in a really weird headspace for a bit, either way, I'm back.

Much has happened since I left.  One is that there was a near break down of my Sunday group and the game I was running with them.  On Monday, we have taken a leave of absence from D&D to pursue Legend of the Five Rings.  It is a very interesting system and setting, very in-depth story lines and complex structure of clans, families and individuals.  I'm loving the game, and can't wait for more.  Plus, it has inspired a strange idea in my own head, a sci-fi setting using the background of the L5R rules and system.  Will keep you posted on how that is going soon.

I am still trying to slog through the D&D Next playtest rules part two.  I wish I had more to tell you other than it feels like they already had their own opinion and the beta test is kinda moot.  I could be wrong, this is just my own opinion.  Once again, I will write something up when I can.

Finally, there is a post today from a fellow blogger and member of the RFI podcast, The Evil GM, who this week talked about spell level and the caster's ability.  He brought up a point that I know I've had trouble dealing with recently.

Why does a caster HAVE to only cast low level spells?  Is the arcane formula to tricky for their low level brain to grasp?  Is a caster with an INT of 17 not able to wrap his mind around something at level 4 that he can at level 12?  Or 15?  Or 18?  I know I use to come down on the other side of this debate, "Well, the rules state this and that, therefore..."  But, I've been thinking more and more that a magic user could cast a MUCH higher level spell than the rules say s/he should.  There should be a gauge to help keep the MU from casting 3 Wish spells at level 4, but, I think it should be allowed.

I'm sure there is a table or something out there that can be used for random issues that transpire if a MU tries to use a spell of a higher level.  I'm a little lazy...I would probably just have the caster roll a d100 and come up with something on the fly.  Or maybe use the random Wild Magic effects from 2E Spells and Magic.  Always a fun chart.

Anyway, I am going to stop here and try to figure out a few things...hopefully be back soon.

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