Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A quick thought experiment...

So, I was wondering around the WotC article homepage.  I found three articles that caught my eye and I downloaded them (even though I could have just cracked open a copy of the 1E player's handbook or monster manual).

The last one was about a theme, which is an interesting idea that they have slipped in the D&D Next playtest.  

(Yes, if you don't have a DDI subscription, you won't be able to look at them.  Sorry if you do not.)

The three things got me thinking and I came up with a real quick adventure setup.  Enjoy.

We have a savage beast, whose name I do not think I can use.  This savage "swamp beast" is marauding the swamps of a region of your campaign world.  This is complicated by a group of pirates who have come to the riverside town looking for an ancient ship called the Osprey.  The PCs could also be hunting for the ship, they could have overheard them looking for this treasure laden ship or are drawn in by the pirates who hire them on for protection.  And, the further complication, a bard that has gone mad from his loneliness and wonders around the swamp, using her songs of charm to entice PCs and NPCs both into the jaws of the swamp beast or to drown in the swamp.

I know this is real quick, but this is what I would use for a map.  I just recently stumbled onto the Black Marsh campaign setting and have fallen in love with it.  I could see this description above as a very large entry for a hex.

 If anyone would like more, I would be glad to work on this more.  Or, if you want to try a challenge yourself, attempt it.
Also, if you want to challenge me, go for it.  Would love to try this more often.


  1. Hey dragolite, sounds interesting to me. Swamps. Pirates. An unnamable savage beast. Sounds like a party to me.

    You came over to my blog and asked about the box from BHP I just received. I had to email John about it. He's up to his eyeballs with Appendix N and I had to remind him. So just send him a quick email, I added my receipt of payment with mine, and he shipped my box out then next day or so. I think he even took them off his site to sell. When I was writing that blog yesterday the link I had to the box page was 404ed.