Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New podcast...and some thoughts

First off, the podcast is here.

Second, been mulling over and starting to put together some rules for my own D&D heartbreaker.  My idea is to basically make this a "kitchen sink" model.  I am going be throwing in as much as I can from Original to 2E.  However, I am going to use the OGL as a baseline.

But, I am also going to be throwing in house rules.  All kinds of house rules.  Rules I have garnered from friend and from the OSR blogsphere.  And, that is the one issue.  I plan to have a page, or more, thanking everyone for putting out their ideas.  I know I will probably never be able to sell the thing, yet would there be any issue from anyone else if I did publish it?  Even if I did thank the people, do I have to be specific?  Or could I just have the page thanking all of my fellow bloggers for their helpful ideas?

I ask because there is a two or three page pdf out there in the OSR that had a bunch of house rules and it was specific on who and where the rule was from.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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