Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So, been hiding out, trying to game and rarely finding a game to play.  Also, had to move some stuff, from my move in Jan.  So, that sucked up time on Sunday.

I did happen to play my buddy's d20 sci-fi steampunk game called Into the Black.  It is fun.  Loving the set up of the world and the group is working...to some extent.  There is always problems with the crew.  Part of the fun of the game really.

Been mulling over things and, after reading this guy and Zak's hack, I want to try and work on my own system or hack.  I have a few ideas I have been keeping on the back burner, I think it might be time to dredge them up for a bit and shake them out.

Short post, I know.  But, hey, I will b posting more soon.

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