Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Game Updates, ideas and hating on Blogger

Hello, all:

At first, I was going to try and do the "April Challenge" that some of the other bloggers are doing out there, yet in the end I took the advice of Alexis over at the Tao of D&D.  (I would link the actual blog post, but I searched for it and the page is missing.  Oh well.)  To boil it down, what he said was, "Why bother?  I'll be posting when I can and I don't see a need to do a 'theme' for the month just because of the ways the days line up.  I know some bloggers are doing the April Challenge, and they have some interesting stuff.  They should be on my sidebar somewhere, but that leads me to my next point.

I hate the new Blogger interface.  It seems a little clunky and the previous one was working fine.  The big issue I have with it is when I try to open up several blogs at once, I do that throughout the day, this new interface only opens one window and stacks the blogs one on top of the other so I have to hit the back button on the browser.  The truth is, sometimes--well more and more now--I read these blogs on my iPad and it is frustrating to have to touch the blog title, wait for the screen to pop up and select open in a new tab and keep doing that for all the blogs I want to read.  (ALSO, I am a Luddite, so if anyone knows how I can fix that on my Mac or iPad, please drop me a line in the comment section of dragolite 1 at gmail dawt com.)  ALSO, it keeps saying I'm not folowing anyone when I have something like thirty to fifty blogs I follow!  That grinding noise you hear is my teeth...

On to gaming stuff...
Last Sunday, I was able to continue my 1E campaign with three players, then one dropped out.  He was on Skype and continued to have problems.  He should be joining again next week, I hope.  The other two PCs, Kael the Elven Ranger and Cardis the human thief along with two NPCs, Fulnoch the halfling thief and Sister Thersail, cleric of Theran, delved into the first level of Stonehell Prison.  They did not get very far, since they also were dealing with several issues above ground on the surface of Stonehell.  (I must say, it is an amazing megadungeon.)  They stopped, after only exploring a few rooms.  Didn't camp, just put the game on pause.  Which I thought was a little weird myself.  But, I think it was because of the truncated session we had.

Then, on Monday, some friends came over and we did a modified d20 game called Into the Black.  A steampunky, Victorian space game.  It was interesting.  My character is a treasure hunter, looking for old tech of Earth-That-Was.  (He found a weed whacker and a few crewmembers and I were having a blast deciding what to do with it.  The first thought was a weapon of some kind, putting either a bunch of razor blades or made a modified hubcap on the end.  It was silly fun.)  Overall, I had some fun.

There is one more item I want to touch upon before ending this post.  I have brought it up before, I believe, in a previous post.

Zak S. was playing around with a Cthulhu game set in the 1920's with the player's having some kind of super power or something like that.  That got me thinking about using something similar, taking cues from a few other blogs.  Then. I stumbled upon this guy and it got me thinking of something that would be very much like Zak's idea and smashing it together with Victorian Gothic instead.  With Zak, it was horror in one way, I think my idea is more oppressive and dark.  Yet, I want to have it in a world that isn't typical 1890's London or 1920's New York.  This is a world with steampunk tech, and maybe something even more sinister.  The Mi-go and Elder Things thrum away behind the scenes while the cultists of Cthulhu run amok doing their own evils to the world.

This is just an idea, but it could be fun.

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