Friday, March 2, 2012

Some sad news, yet light out there.

First off, I am a little sad to report that Bat of Ancient Vaults is ending his daily blog.  I am sure he will probably try and keep going or at least keep his toe in the blogging OSR community.  He has inspired me on more than one occasion.

There is also the Old Stuff day that I will throw up a little later in the post.  (Good or not, who knows, I like it.)

Been reading more than a few blogs over at B/X BLACKRAZOR and I think he has some interesting opinions of assassins and paladins.  I like both classes, never been able to play an assassin as of yet myself.  But, I like them.  And, I could see both of them being used in a dungeon delving situation.  (He does give a reason for why a paladin would go into some dungeons.  And, I really like the way he sees paladins as a class.  Makes me rethink some conversations I have had with a friend about paladins.

ANYWAY, the point is I could see any class playing a game of D&D.  Yes, the assassin at low level isn't going to be able to do much.  Yet, a campaign is more than just a dungeon delve.  At least to me.  Sessions can be spent trying to learn the history of the dungeon, or a specific monster or NPC that lives down there.  (Also, Blackrazor does point out that the game he was in with his gnome assassin was a bad fit, the paladin is a much better fit.)  The campaign I am tinkering with now has more dungeons that you can shake a stick at, yet the PCs don't have to delve in them if they don't want.

Anyway, a link to my old stuff.

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