Monday, March 12, 2012

Gaming update and some 5E thoughts

First off, I had a game session this Sunday.  I was amped because it was the first session of my 1E game in a world of my own creation.  I get to my friend's house and no one showed!  Only the guy who lives there and myself.  We burned some time creating some other characters and he also talked at length about what he wanted to play until he decided to play an elven ranger.  (I must say that rangers in 1E are wicked.  Some of the abilities he has access, especially the bonus to damage for giant-kin...along with the expanded list in Unearthed Arcana..makes for one big list of baddies.)  We got the game off the ground with just him, I dangled a tantalizing series of plot threads and waited.  He took one and I am curious to see what happens.

Yet, I was still annoyed that no one else showed.  It deflated my elation of starting a new game.  It sucked out some of the fun as I look at the binder of info, wondering if I want to keep going.  (I will, just still annoyed by the lack of players.  I will survive.)

The second part is an update about 5E.  Apparently, Mike Mearls has an issue with turning undead.  It is an interesting article.  I have my own issues with it as well.  Yet, I think one thing that might help Mike is to take a look at LotFP website, download the grindhouse rules and check out one of the first lvl spells that clerics can take.  (It is turn undead.)  I will say that Mike makes a certain amount of sense about turning undead and the opposite of animate dead.  Making it more of a spell and giving it a way to blast some undead, or turning other undead is something I might consider for this game or others...IF I can get some players.

One last thought, I might just go back to Google Plus and attempt to run this game there as well.  I might try for some LL with the AEC, or just the very simple and elegant LotFP ruleset...something to consider.

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  1. You think too much about it. Have fun and players will show up (of course you have to invite them). Play it and they will come.

    Seriously though, stop thinking about it too much. This is a chance to look at constructions on how a game is supposed to look like. Of course there are options that are available with a group of players, now you can look to see what is available when there is only 1 player.