Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So, been running my Sydell Google Plus game for three weeks now and I must say it is fun.  The players have been changing a little, yet for the most part, having a blast and so are my players.  And, did another session of the Type IV game and while it is still not my favorite, it is fun at times.  I know it will never take place of the older school editions, yet as a diversion it is an interesting game.  I will say that after playing a few sessions, I agree much more with this guy.

Now, I will say that every once and again, I like the idea of having the Combat as Sport come up.  As a set piece for a PC or a group facing off against another group of NPCs of equal level.  Yet, not all the time.  Most of the time, the Combat as War is the way to go for me.  It just makes more sense to me.  I am not trying to spark any kind of war on the editions, just stating this is my opinion on the matter.  (I understand that to some, it seems kind of silly for me to say that.  Yet, there are many who will start bitching and complaining about how I am wrong.)

There was talk of maybe doing a sci-fi game soon with some of the group.  I would love for that to happen.  I have been thinking of doing something more sci-fi like for a game.  Should be interesting.  Keep you informed.

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  1. The Temple of Elemental Evil is definitely Combat as War. Personally, however, I enjoy combats that make players sweat, have them think, and most importantly be something memorable and rewarding. I certainly see the benefits to each. Not every combat should be monumental fights to the death that take precision planning.