Tuesday, February 14, 2012

5E, D&D Next, or whatever...

So, I woke up today to get my place ready to see my girlfriend, and I thought I have time to check on a few blogs.  I scroll through my list--a very long list of blogs what can I say I have found many people with interesting ideas out there--and I come across Alexis and his Tao of D&D.

Yes, sometimes this guy bugs me, yes sometimes I applaud his efforts.  But, todays post he pointed out something I had missed.  A new Legends and Lore column.  I also missed the original poll and was a little bummed.  I thought the thing comes out on Wed. not Monday.  Oh well.

The thing that gets me is more than a few bloggers are going on and on about how they don't want to be part of D&D Next or 5E or whatever you want to call it.  I am kinda curious.  I have signed up and waiting to see what happens.

Yet, there is something in the back of my mind when I read these other blogs.  All of them decrying how WotC has lost its way and that company will never get back those people's money even if you bring back the 1E books--which they are doing and, yes I'm probably going to get them as well.  How no matter what WotC does, their edition was the best and will never stop using the three little books or the glut that was 2E or 3E.

Guess what guys, you can still do that.  WotC isn't going to come to your house, take away your computer and old editions and burn them in front of you and shout for show as they count the tears they collect from you.  Play the game you guys want.  If you are a DIY guy, maybe you will find something you like in D&D Next.  Maybe you won't.

How about we just stop the speculation and beating of a horse that, never mind dead; it hasn't been spawned yet!  Go back to your arguments about why infravision is broken or not, how to properly use Weapon Type vs. Armor or how effective/ineffective weapon speed factors are.  Or rant about how WotC screwed the pooch, I'm not some holier than thou man myself.  I sometimes rant about Type IV myself.  When I first started this blog I ranted to them.  Here.  There is some anger there.  Still feel that way from time to time.

In closing, look guys this is a game.  We play it to have fun.  Do what you want, play what you want.  You can do that--last time I checked.  If you need to get something off your chest, do it.  But, maybe we can go on to do something else.

What do you say?