Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Temple of Elemental Evil report

The podcast is going to be delayed a day or so...sorry everyone.  This is a quick report of one game.  I might post the Star Wars game tonight or tomorrow.

In the Temple of Elemental Evil game (Hackmaster/2nd ed mash-up), we have the following:

Renu (sic) a elven bladesinger
Lilliana Mythas an elven fighter/mage/thief
Dwallin (my character) a dwarven cleric (once devoted to Clangeddin and now follower of Moradin)
Sir William a young NPC cavalier who has been in the Temple before because of our previous characters.
Brother Micheal NPC cleric of Pelor
Sir William's men and Lilliana's men, a total of ten NPC mercenaries

As you can see, we have--had--a sizable force.  Read on to see what happened.

I am not sure if I have given a background on the temple as a whole.  I will check and come back later with a full background on what has happened.

Our stalwart group, after mending a broken Sir William with the help of Brother Micheal, the group turned its attention to Renu when he said there was another place to investigate.  He took hold of a gem and the group was taken to a place of fire, smoke and black stone.  Realizing his folly, and after the grumbling from Dwallin and Lillian, we were whisked away to a mountain top where air buffeted about small bits of dirt and rocks that struck us at constant intervals.

We descended the mountain and found a dead white dragon.  Also, we were attacked by three Hiercosphinxes, a griffon with a hawk head instead of a eagle,  We slew them with little difficulty.  Then, we found the lair of the white wyrms, found two more dead dragons and six air elementals, trapped here in this strange node.  We bargained with them and agreed to help us find the remains of those that were here before (our former characters and those that slayed the white dragons) for egress from the node.  (There was some dragon brain eating which I will only touch upon since all three players actually took part.  Renu now believes he is a dragon, Lillana raised in level and Dwallin gained a charm ability.)

Before we could leave through the symbol on the floor, and thus leave the node, the group came upon a white pudding.  At this point, our forces were divided.  Lilliana, the air elementals and some of the NPC fighters were hiding in Renu bag of holding.  (This is a massive one, one from Hackmaster.  Renu had a small village of stuff inside and thus all those inside were comfortable.)  Sir William, Dwallin, Brother Micheal, Renu and the rest of the men fought this white pudding and suffered heavy losses.  All of Sir William's men and three of Lilliana's men died trying to slay this blob.

And, thus began what I call as a player, the node shuffle.  We began to drift between the nodes, trying to find a way out of them.  We finally found ourselves in the fire node and did a force march until we found another symbol.  One that whisked us away to a place of gray haze and a room we had never been too.  And, that is where we ended the session.

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