Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quick update

Hello gentle readers, just wanted to give you an update on my Star Wars game...and the podcast will be going up next week.  I might try to get it done by Friday, yet probably won't be until next week.

So, as our group continued to run away from their pursuers, they found another person aboard "Ice" Hilda's ship.  A young girl named Molly.  Nallah, the Miralukan sensed a common bond between them (both are Force Users,) yet something was off putting about Molly.  She is a rather grumpy and annoyed young woman whom to the world is a dark and evil place.

The ship, "Horus," one that is actually partial run by an A.I. was able to shake the pursuing Imperials and make a jump to light speed.  Once safely out of harm's way, Hilda gathered the group together and made apologizes to, in essence Shanghaiing everyone.  She explained that she had stolen a ship, one that was built by Imperials and others, and that to fully power it, she needed a relic housed in the B'omarr Monastery on Teth.  Nallah and Molly realized that the sword needed was a Sith relic, and a twin to a Jedi relic that disappeared long long ago.

The "crew" decided to head for the stolen ship.  They also gained another crew member, a HK-55 "protocol" droid.  (Thus the entire group was formed.)

They get to the hidden ship and Hilda finds that her contacts have been killed.  (So did the scoundrel Dakk, he also led the Imperials to where they were because of several tracer programs hunting for him.)  They get to the asteroid where the ship is held, are ambushed by a darksider and a group of thugs.  (At this point, Molly left before combat and I didn't run her as an NPC, I don't like doing that.)  Nallah was able to fight the darksider and defeat her.  The soldier Marlowe was able to coordinate an attack, killing one thug and taking the rest hostage.  He did this by using his jetpack and flying over the thugs heads in a corridor and getting behind them, as Nallah struck down their leader.  They quickly gave up.  (There was no moral to roll.  I figured they were forced into this job and saw it as a way to get out with their lives.)

At the same time, the scout Duggur turned to leave the scene of the battle.  He thought that he could find another way in and might be able to flank them.  (At least that what I think he was doing.  That or he was just realizing he was in way over his head.)

He opens the door and there is a squad of stormtroopers waiting.  He closes the door and keeps trying to keep the door closed.  Once the thugs had been neutralized, the group scurried to the ship.  There they found it was fully flight capable, yet any main offensive capabilities were off line.  And, that the relic was needed for it to work.

And, to add to their problems, two troop transports were in orbit.  Horus was doing his best, tethered to the asteroid, while the other ships fired on him and dislodged troops.  Also, the main doors to get the ship out, later called Angel One, weren't working and needed to be opened from outside the ship.  Hilda volunteered and left.

She opened the large cargo doors and slipped out towards her ship.  Nallah and Dakk were trying to get the ship on-line.  It took time, while Duggur went to prime the engines.  The others sat back and waited.  (Molly was still aboard Horus.)

Nallah started to feel strange and started to push some buttons that led to a secret discovered by the new crew.  This ship has three engines.  A standard sub-light drive, a hyperspace drive and a space fold generator.  This was discovered by accident as the crew were trying to figure out what to do to escape.  They found themselves several hundred thousand miles from Teth proper.  The space fold also dragged along part of the asteroid and a part of Horus.

At this point I want to break from the narrative and state that I feel like I had to do this to keep the absent player, Joe, from having to create a completely new character.  I knew going into the asteroid scene, Horus and Hilda were going to be destroyed.  I was also hoping to hold off on the space fold generator for a bit.  Yet, he left and left my hands tied.  Yes, I could have just killed his character off, yet there was no real reason for him to die.  I think the big minus is going to be he is two sessions behind everyone else when it comes to xp and leveling, and that is punishment enough.  I am just hoping he doesn't have to bail again or I will have to talk to him.  It isn't as though he left for a stupid reason, he had an early call the next day.  I can't fault him for leaving.  This is one of the main issues with gaming and the real world.  I believe that the real world comes first.  Always will.

I shall continue with the rest of the story on the ship later.

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