Thursday, August 29, 2013

And, back...hopefully for awhile...

Yes, it has been six months since I have had time to sit down and write a blog post.  Life gets in the way and all of that.  The podcast has faded, yet there is still the desire and want to do it.  Just need to get things together for it.

As for gaming:

I have been gaming more than a bit.  On Mondays, I am running a game using most 2E rules, with some houserules (since straight core isn't fun at all. :-P).  It is in a game world I have created called Sydell.  They are currently on a mission to destroy an island full of fish-people who are connected to the Slave Lords.  (Yes, THOSE Slave Lords.)

On Friday, my buddy Josh is running a 3E WoW game.  I am playing a Tauren Druid.  It is interesting and different.  Never been a giant fan of 3E (my term for 3 and 3.5).  But, it is not the typical WoW game though.  The group is on an unexplored island, trying to explore and make a town on said island.  I missed the last session and I only got a text message, "The Necromancer made a fifty foot blight.  This is what happens without you."  (I might just have to kill the PC.  Keep you updated.)

Another friend of mine has started up his Superhero game again after several years of a hiatus.  I am once again playing The Knight, a paladin-esque character who changes from milquetoast to The Knight with help of a magic umbrella and bowler hat.  Faced off against a dragon and now seeking one of our allies who is missing.

I have also been working on a new campaign setting, one based off the LotFP rule book with ideas from LL, S&W, OD&D-D&DNext.  There are little things from each of these editions that I like and have stolen for my own campaign.  Will put some of the ideas up when I can.

The final thing I am doing is looking at the idea of publishing my own campaign world/game ideas.  I brought this up on G+ and someone pointed me towards the Tome of Horrors Complete since it has the OGL and explains on how to use it.  (Actually, just bought and downloaded it...will look at it soon.)

Well, that is what is going on.  Should be back in a few days, want to try and get back to at least a three day a week schedule.

Until then, happy gaming....

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