Friday, November 4, 2011

Just a quick post...

Though I have not talked about him ChicagoWiz's blog was pretty good.  I say was because he has ended his blogging.  He has set up something on his last post, see the link above, with his words of wisdom and thoughts on these games that we play.  I for one, will miss him.

Also, it is kinda interesting to see that he went on for three years.  I wonder how long this blog of mine will go on.

Makes you think...


  1. Your blog is nearly a year old and averages over 8 posts per month, a fair quantity that a skilled writer like you should be able to maintain for a long time. But do you enjoy blogging? If it's a cumbersome task or tedious, then maybe the form isn't for you.

    Personally, I enjoy your observations and the manner in which you articulate them. I hope you keep on blogging well beyond three years. :-)

  2. I do like the medium. Sometimes, I get bogged down in other tings, but I do always try to come back and work on it at least a little. Who knows how I will feel in three years. I hope to keep it going. Only time will tell.