Monday, January 24, 2011

Podcasts and gaming

I have gotten through most of the set up for the podcast to be linked onto this site.  It should be up a little bit later today or tomorrow at the latest.
However, I think that right now, I should start talking about what we have come here to read about.  Gaming.

A brief history and confession:

I started gaming back in college.  I rolled up a character for my friends 2nd ed. D&D game and never got to play him.  He was a dwarven thief.  I was amazed by the rules when I first started to read them.  Yet, I was also of the opinion that this was something silly and not serious.  (I was a hardcore sci-fi reader at the time and thought all fantasy was for children.  I was very wrong.)  After making my dwarven thief, I sat back and waited and read the rules and was amazed by the art of those books.
Then, the same friend who ran the one D&D game came to me and said he was running a Heroes Unlimited game.  And, I jumped at the chance.  I made an alien character--against the GM's orders--and we again had one adventure and then we stopped.
It spurred me on to make my own games--I had no idea what I was doing and they all flopped.  When I was asked to leave college--a story for another time--I forgot about rpgs and tried to focus on my new path.  Writing.
Reading those books and enchanted by the art of D&D I started to write fantasy stories.  I didn't forget my first love of sci-fi and wrote both.  Again, horrible stories.  I believe that writers, really good writers, start off writing some crap.  I know more than a few writers myself and they say the same thing.
But, I digress...
Flashforward to sometime after 2000 and I find my friends are in a D&D game.  I create an elven ranger by the name of Athalan Symal Greenbow and I never looked back.  I won't bore you with stories of him, that is not what this blog is about.
Since Symal, I have gone on to run many games and been in many more.
Currently: I am in a Hackmaster game run by my friend Tom, in a Silver Age Sentinels game run by my fellow podcaster Dave and a Call of Cthulhu game run by him as well.  I'm trying to get together a group of players for a 1e game in a world of my own creation.
I know why I am having trouble.  I have a bad track record when it comes to running games.  I am always distracted by "the new shiny," wanting to run something different after looking at a new system or having a new idea.  Or, I have nothing written up past a certain part.
Well, NO MORE!
I have been working on the 1e world for a bit, will continue to do so and hope to get some players.  Will keep everyone up-to-date on that as well.

And, now a question for the interweb readers:

Story trump rules?  Why or why not?

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