Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Year...End of a game, beginning anew...

Well, I haven't written anything in almost a year.  I am not really surprised, life pulled me away from the blogshpere for awhile.  Happens.

Well, I did start a game last year, 5e, might have spoken about it, might not.

Two of my players had characters that were part of a game a few years back.  They loved the interaction between them two of them and wanted to sort of "reboot" the game.  We had a few new players since then and I decided, why not.  I de-leveled them to 5--which is good since they were pretty powerful at 8 and 9 in 2e.  Had a monk and a thief swashbuckler.  At this point, WotC had just recently come out with rules for the swashbuckler path of the rouge.  (I think it is a bit broken, yet I let the guy play.  He was a human ginsu for most of the game.  Might have to change a few of the things if I use it again.)

Overall, I loved the game.  We had some high points and low points.  There were times I wanted to toss the game and do something else.  But, I pushed on and avoided gamer ADD.  The game survived the holiday collapse that many games go through and made it until last night.

It was a bit rushed, I felt that I could have done several things differently, yet in the end a good game.

And, because of that I feel a bit sad.  I am sure most of you out there have run and completed most of your games.  Yet, this was a first for me.  Most of my games have always ended half way done, or a false start and never played again.  There is a sense of accomplishment, a sense of loss and under it all there is the knowledge that I ran a halfway decent game.

It isn't as if I am going to stop prepping for the next game.  I have some great ideas for the next one.  Yet, I will be sitting back and letting someone else run for awhile.  Been some time since I have let someone run for any length of time.  A time to recharge and experience the game from the other side of the table.

Going back over the campaign in my head I am struck by some of the flaws and mistakes I made.  And also some of the things I just pulled from thin air that my players loved.  And I know that going onward to the next game; a diesel punk D&D, think Rocketeer, Sky Captain and a touch of Bio-Shock all thrown together.  But, it is in the early planning stages and we will see how things shake out.

But for now, I will sit back and play.  Been some time since I did that.  And I know I need it.

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