Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blogging, Vornheim, 1st ed. and all points in between

First off, I know that I haven't blogged in awhile.  Been dealing with things like trying to find a job and the radio gig with another friend.  And, that has been going well; if you want to hear our madness, click here.  Look for Gamer Corps.  It changes position day to day, and there is a new one each week around Tues/Wed mark.

Second, the podcast RPG:Rants and Raves is on hiatus.  It is not podfading, just need time to sit at a mic and do it.  The quality isn't as good as Gamer Corps, cause Rants and Raves is done at home on my computer and Gamer Corps is in an actual radio station.  Rants and Raves is also about purely role playing games.  Gamer Corps needs to spread itself over several kinds of games.  (Though I would like to try and change that ever once and again.)

Third, the Star Wars game I was running has gone on hiatus as well.  Not sure when that will come back.  It was working for a time, yet I was getting bogged down in player drama, turn over of characters and the story was going nowhere.

Finally, there is the Gamer ADD I have.  Having put the Star Wars Saga game aside, I am already working on something else.  A 1st edition AD&D game.

I blame part of it on just the general Gamer ADD that I seem to suffer from.  The "new shiny."  Another part of this switch over to such a radically different system is that I have played all of the other incarnations of D&D, from 2nd to the edition that cannot be named.  I have even tried a little mix of Hackmaster and 1st edition.  And I want to actual delve into the straight out 1st edition game.  Another part of the want to go "old school" is listening to an amazing podcast called roll for initiative.  Here is a link to their main webpage.  Check them out, they are rather cool.

I will be posting more on my thoughts and trials as I create this 1st edition AD&D game.

And, finally, there is Vornheim.  This is not a review, just a few thoughts on it.
It is a city-kit put together by Zak S. Here is his blog.  There is some great art inside, the tables and information is inspiring and it is crammed with all kinds of stuff.  EVERY bit has something, the inside bookcover is a map of the city.  The front book cover and back book cover--yes the covers of the book--can be used for randomness in a city game.
In a few words, "It is an amazing toolkit and wonderful aid."

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